Photography by my friend and partner in crime Kadri Karmo


I would have loved it if:


  • you're madly in love with someone or something
  • you'll run away with me for a photo-adventure even if your mom wants that family photo taken now
  • you think that First Looks are a cool thing to do
  •  you understand that beautiful photo full of life is the result of both parties putting their best out. I do have a vision, skills, top of the line equipment, but no magic wand (I wish).  
  • your wedding is outdoors
  • your wedding is unplugged
  • you're marrying your best friend
  • you'd like to be friends with your photog
  • your family can learn my name
  • you give me a beautifully detailed feedback 

I don't love it if:


  • you want me to alter your appearance in Photoshop on every single photograph
  • you'd rather do what your mom wants than having the time of your life
  • you don't care whether the photographer has gotten a meal
  • you don't think there's a value to a relationship between you and your photographer
  • you don't tell your guests it's not okay to jump out with an iPad in front of your photographer 
  • you skip reading this page







Now that you read about all the "would loves" and "don't loves", you have a better idea about who I am.

You think we are a good match? Pease, fill out the contact form with as many details about your event as possible, sharing a few facts about yourself.

I will not respond to plain price requests #sorrynotsorry 

I've grown to care very much about every wedding I work at, and I only book few of them per season.

Photos are appreciated and aid a faster response time! (kidding! not)