Photography by  Kadri Karmo


I love it if:


  • you're madly in love with someone or something
  • you'll run away with me for a photo-adventure  
  • you understand that a photo full of life is the result of both parties putting their best beautiful free amazing selves out. And you're amazing I'm sure!
  • you let me post photos of you
  • you give me a beautifully detailed feedback 
  • you let me cry and dance at your wedding

I don't love it if:

  • you want me to alter your appearance in Photoshop. You are beautiful!  And if you think you're not, I'm not your photographer
  • you skip reading this page







Now you have a better idea about who I am.

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I've grown to care very much about who I work with and being on the same page proved itself one of the key factors to success, so let's not waste each other's time.


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