Photography by  Kadri Karmo

HEY, I'M SVITLANA (but you can call me Lana)

A Ukrainian transplant living in between central New York and New England. 


I will wake up at 4 am for photos, road trip or to spend a quiet morning by myself. I will cry at your wedding and speak with an accent whilst making funny mistakes. I'm turning 35 in Dec of 2018 (in case I don't update this section for the next decade, you can do the math).


I dig coffee, free people (not the brand, but the brand too), string lights year-round, red nails, driving stick-shift, making things by hand, tasty wine, anything eucalyptus scented and the words of affirmation (so you better leave that feedback).


I will not fix chipped nail polish or string of unruly hair in Photoshop or give out RAW files for that matter. I will also not take advice on how to do my job, but these last two are not for you, they are for occasional visitors who don't know why they are here.


When I'm not photographing or filming, or editing, I can be found in my studio where I get all messy with other mediums to create some visual art. If not that, I'm sketching and brainstorming on how to conquer the world of creativity.


I'll go wherever if you fly me and will help you memorize the day you want to remember in the most comfortable for both of us manner :)


Wanna chat? Hit me up via the form below!